Working with an interior designer

Our Services & Fees

Whole House Turnkey

A comprehensive design approach that ensures a seamless flow from room to room. We recommend being brought in at the beginning planning phase with your builder or contractor. They will build your dream house & we will turn it into your dream home.

“We have been working with Tina for years.  We call her every year for a new project, as our needs have changed over the years,  especially as our young family grows.  We love what Tina has done & look forward to continue to work with her.  ”  Kim & Adam – Client 

Single Room Transformation

This is a room update that refreshes a tired space or completes that empty room. All details will be considered such as space planning, furniture, lighting, area rugs, accessories, window treatments & material finishes.

“Tina was a fantastic interior designer. I had just moved into my new home & didn’t have any idea how to furnish the house because it was open concept floor plan. Tina did a great job finishing my home. I would definitely hire her again.” Sencia – Client

Kitchen Design & Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where all the action takes place. Kitchens have evolved from dining to work & play areas. We would love to create your dream kitchen- one that form meets all your functions so you can have fun creating delicious meals while creating fun memories with family & friends. And not to mention the return on investment is worth it! NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) estimates your kitchen remodel should cost 10%-20% of your home value.

“I met Tina through my contractor when beginning a total remodel of my 60’s kitchen. My home is getting close to 100 years old & I wanted to make sure that the remodel would blend with the rest of the house.  One of the best things about Tina is that she listened well to what I said I liked/wanted, then she went out & found samples, brought them to my house & we tried them in the kitchen space. I never felt rushed or like she was trying to get me to go along with her vision. She also stayed on top of the contractors progress & costs which was very helpful. Tina is personal, well-organized, professional & talented. She will help you achieve the look that you want & stay within your budget. I highly recommend her.” Gail – Client

Bathroom Design & Remodel

We totally get it….Life is busy & we all crave a relaxing sanctuary to melt away our stress. How about unwinding with a hot bath or powerful rainfall shower? While a bathroom can be one of the smaller spaces in your home, it requires a super dose of design power to meet all of your functions. And what about the endless finish possibilities: from brushed brass to sparkling quartz to exotic stone tile to bold wallpaper! This is another area to spend on, as the return on investment is well worth it. NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) estimates a full bath remodel should cost 5%-10% of your home value, while the Master Bathroom should cost 5%-15%.

“Tina made the complicated design process easy while handling the thousands of details of my home remodel. From the beginning, I expected her expertise on material selections like tile, countertops, paint, sofa fabrics but she quickly surpassed my expectations. Our tastes were in sync from the beginning, but trust was vitally important & Tina kept her commitment, integrity & vision for the project & the many months we worked together. She was the calm to the storm & I am grateful. I am in love with my home, especially my kitchen & bath & to this day I get tons of compliments.” Tony – Client

Construction Finish Selection

Oh my- there are a lot of selections needed for New Construction or a Remodel and lots of decisions!! No stress- we would be happy to coordinate all those selections such as Lighting, Flooring, Plumbing, Appliances, Cabinetry, Countertops, Hardware, Fireplace Facing, Stairs, Millwork, Paint or Wallpaper Finishes.

“Tina helped with everything from paint colors, marble, tile to lighting. I would have been truly lost without her assistance. She quickly sensed the direction I wanted to take for interior style & was able to lead me to selections that fit with that idea. Tina made sure the house had a good flow & a transition that made sense from one room to the next. She provided the guidance I needed to complete my home. Tina has met all deadlines promised & worked within my budget. She is very knowledgeable, has a high work ethic & highly professional.” Meghan & Kyle – Client 

Custom Millwork & Built in cabinetry

When ordinary will not do & you desire the extraordinary, custom is your answer. This would include design of any custom piece from fireplace mantlepiece to custom bookcase to built-in office, selection & specification of material, & professional installation by independent contractor.

“Tina was great to work with & the coordination was always on point. We have done several projects for her from New Lenox to Elmhurst & everything was carefully planned out & communication was great through each process. We would recommend her for your interior design needs as she is very responsive & clear in her visions.” Bill – Colleague

Artwork Selection & Install

Artwork can truly be the jewelry piece to add personality to your room. This is the phase where the rules do not apply & styles can be all synthesized together. While it can be a subjective piece, the size, orientation, color & texture are all very important. All artwork is installed by our independent professional.

“My wife & I have used Tina multiple times now through 2 of our apartments both with different styles (one was a loft & the other was a modern/contemporary 2 story apartment). She has always been a pleasure to work with because she listens to our needs & helps guide us into making the right choice for us. She always has great ideas & finds unique items in our budget to give our space a special touch. I get comments from people about how much they love our space & specifically the items that Tina suggested. I would highly recommend Tina.” Pat & Natalia – Client 

Accessory Styling

This is the final step of layering that elevates your space & makes it worthy of a magazine cover. A space can be flat without color & texture, so this can be added with finishing touches such as accessories, sculpture, plants, lamps, linens, etc.

“We enjoy working with Tina.  She has an amazing eye for every job!!  Truly a pleasure to work with & always on time with selections so our jobs flow smoothly.  The color ways are spot on & make us look like the best in the industry!”  Mora Builders –  Colleague

Custom Window Treatments: Functional & Decorative

You may not crave privacy, but your windows do. Windows can be treated independently from room to room, as function may dictate over form. There are many fun options to dress up your windows from sheer to blackout, small scale to large pattern, cordless to programmed, valances to panels, blinds to shutters, etc. All treatments are installed by our independent certified professional.

“My experience with Tina has been great. I have worked with her for a couple of years on different projects. Tina embraces my ideas & recommends changes that bring tremendous value to my home. Tina was truly “worth her weight in gold”.  I always look forward to working together on a new project.” Mary – Client

Custom Furniture & Re-upholstery

You have a great piece of furniture that needs a refresh. Or you desire a great piece of furniture that does not exist in catalogs. We can make this happen. Existing furniture can be restored by our furniture doctor, fabrics can be replaced by our re-upholstery workroom, or the finish can be re-painted/ re-stained / re-glazed by our finisher. Custom furniture can be created with a drawing, finish & fabric selections & white glove in-home delivery.

“We are so happy with our re-upholstered barstools! We love how dedicated Tina was to work with, how she worked with our ideas & turned it into a creative & unique one of a kind piece. I guarantee no one has these same barstools. Once they were delivered, we were also impressed at how well they were re-constructed. “ Danielle & Dane – Client


In business, image is everything. It needs to tell your success story. When our clientele puts an emphasis on design, colors, space planning & brand recognition, they can maximize productivity & profits. Work with us….we will do what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best.

“We contracted with DG Design Group, LLC for assistance with the relocation for our new corporate 18,000 sq ft office space. Tina assisted with the space plan, selection of all finishes, furniture & overall design plan. Tina was easy to work with & really captured our vision while working within our budget. She was always professional, available & reliable. We are so pleased with the result. We would highly recommend DG!” Carolyn & Mike – Client

Technical Drawings

These digital drawings elevate you from the DREAM to DO phase, as they are a great resource to help you visualize your remodel dreams come together. They are a photo-realistic representation that provides insight on scale & room layout, as well as color & material selections. Exact images may not be able to be re-produced, but we can provide a similar substitution of equal scale and color.

New Service: Client Love coming soon!

Working with an interior designer

Additional Services

Design Consultation

This is ideal for the client that knows they need a change & they are unable to make decisions to move ahead. This is a 2 hour onsite meeting to discuss all the needs of your project. Any additional hours needed will be billed at $125 / hour.

We would love to work with you if:

  • You are involved with a remodel & have a ton of ideas, but need a solid plan of action to move forward.
  • You are overwhelmed with the amount of choices & need a designers’ eye to bring it together.
  • You understand that 2 hours is an introduction to the designers world, but may require additional hours to complete your project.

Our commitment to you:

  • After receiving your payment, an onsite 2 hour meeting is scheduled to review your project, material selections & plans; consult on the best way to successfully move ahead.
  • Identify proper space planning needed for furniture & cabinetry in new remodel.
  • Plan a design scheme with colors and texture.



Virtual Design

This is ideal for the client that knows they need a change & would like to take a hands-on approach. The client could be local or out of town & all communications will be done by email.

We would love to work with you if:

  • You would like your room remodeled, but draw a blank on furniture layout, color scheme or theme.
  • You feel confident in your ability to provide a sketched room floor plan with dimensions and ceiling, door & window heights, along with sending site pictures.
  • You would like all furniture & items to be resourced online. You can find alternatives as necessary.
  • You accept all responsibility to order the furniture, accept delivery, unpackage & assemble furniture & place all items.

Our commitment to you:

  • After receiving your payment, we will email you a questionnaire with your goals & budget.
  • We will send instructions how to send over existing room dimensions & site pictures.
  • We will supply a floor plan with new layout for furniture, area rugs & plants.
  • We will email a mood board with furniture, area rugs, artwork, accessories & window treatments.
  • We will email a spreadsheet with a shopping list for you to order everything online.


Designer for a day

This is ideal for the client that needs to make finish selections within a certain amount of time.

We would love to work with you if:

  • You are working with a contractor, builder or architect & need design assistance in material selections. 
  • You are overwhelmed with multiple showrooms & would like your project to stay organized with 1 designer. 
  • You are involved with a remodel & have some confidence in a design direction, but would like to secure 10 hours of design time for continued collaboration throughout the process.

Our commitment to you:

  • A 10 hour day (can be split up in various days) with designer & client to make selections at vendor showrooms &/or builder sales center. Travel may be required. 
  • All selections will be supplied by vendor to builder / contractor for order follow up.


Give me the vision

Technical Drawings

This is ideal for the client that is ready for a change, but can not visualize how it will all come together. You may be working with a contractor or we can provide full service for design & build. (Additional drawings will be billed accordingly).

We would love to work with you if:

  • You are remodeling a space & need construction drawings for your contractor to build from. 
  • You have a difficult time visualizing all the details & would like to have drawings completed to see your new proposed space. 
  • You want a color scheme to draw inspiration from, but would select your material on your own. (Selections can be made by designer at additional cost).

Our commitment to you:

  • Jobsite measure by designer. 
  • (1) Floor plan, (1) Elevation, & unlimited 3-D color renderings. Depending on workload, drawings can usually be complete within 2-3 weeks & will be emailed. Revisions will be billed at hourly fee.

$1000-$1500 per room

Room Remodel

This is ideal for the client that wants a full change or update & is able to pass all the responsibility to the designer.

We would love to work with you if:

  • You need a change & lack the vision for a successful update. 
  • You have limited time & would like the designer to handle the design & order details. 
  • You want your space to look like a magazine cover, but are not confident in putting the details of the room together.

Our commitment to you:

  • Jobsite measure by designer. 
  • (1) floor plan for furniture placement & mood board with all sourced products. (3D Color Rendering will be additional)
  • All items to be sourced, purchased & scheduled by the designer. 
  • White glove furniture delivery. Professional installation for artwork & window treatments.

$2,000 retainer per room

Dress up my windows

Custom treatments

This is ideal for the client that needs full service customization for either hard functional treatments (blinds or shades- including Hunter Douglas & Graber) &/or decorative soft treatments (panels, valances, cornices). This can be in conjunction with a room remodel or an independent project.

Our commitment to you:

  • Emailed questionnaire with pictures & sizes of desired windows. 
  • Designer will email over price estimate. Upon your approval, deposit payment is required. 
  • Onsite meeting with designer will be scheduled to review blind selections, fabric samples & desired design. 
  • Designer will take final window measurements. 
  • Designer will email final invoice reflecting final selections. Additional deposit amount may be required. 
  • Designer will place order. Upon shipment, designer will email request for final balance. 
  • Installation by certified installed will be scheduled by designer. Hard treatments generally take 2-4 weeks to ship out & custom window treatments generally take 4-6 weeks for production once the fabric is received. If hard & custom treatments are both being installed, they will be installed together once the custom treatments are complete. 

Projects to be quoted

($100 deposit required, applied to order)


Custom Projects

This is ideal for the client that has a great piece of furniture, maybe even an heirloom, that is in need of an update. They understand the cost can be just as mush as replacing with new, but there is an emotional attachment to the piece. This can be in conjunction with a room remodel or an independent project.

Our commitment to you:

  • Emailed questionnaire with pictures of desired piece. 
  • Designer will email over price estimate. Upon your approval, deposit payment is required. 
  • Onsite meeting with designer will be scheduled to review fabric selections & paint samples in your space. 
  • Designer will email final invoice reflecting final selections. Additional deposit amount may be required.
  • Designer will schedule pickup of furniture. 
  • Re-surfacing, deconstruction & paint treatment by furniture artist along with fabric upholstery & re-padding will be completed at workroom. Depending on the project scope, it generally takes 6-8 weeks for completion. 
  • Designer will email request for final balance. Upon receiving final payment, in-home delivery will be scheduled.

Projects to be quoted

($100 deposit required, applied to order)

Paying for your Project

Setting Expectations

Essential – Silver. This represents the essential level where options are standard & limited.

Comfort – Gold. This represents a comfortable level that you can splurge for an upgrade & some semi-custom options.

Luxury – Platinum. This represents a luxurious level that you expect the best in material & can work with increased timelines for custom pieces.

Space- based on average room Silver Gold Platinum
Room Transformation $5,000 $10,000 $20,000
Room Remodel $25,000 $50,000 $100,000
Full Bath $20,000 $30,000 $45,000
Master Bath $30,000 $45,000 $65,000
Kitchen $40,000 $60,000 $80,000

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