Working with an interior designer

Business to Business Design

Are you a builder, developer, contractor, remodeler, architect or real estate broker?

We are only as successful as the teams & resources we partner up with. Forge a successful relationship with DG Design Group LLC as a partner to enhance your business & motivate your clients. We bring a high level of service & integrity that will maintain your rockstar relationship with your client.

Designer for a Day

Program with 10 hours of design time that is charged to your client. Designer connects with your client to make all required selections with your vendors. It keeps you on schedule, eliminates the burden of change orders & allows you the time to do what you do best.

Technical Drawings

 We get it- we speak your language. But clients can get overwhelmed & indecisive speaking our language. With additional 3D color renderings, we can visually help your client visualize their home before they buy. This can also help you to maximize your sales closure rate.

Full Service Design & Build

You have built their dream house, now we deliver the client their dream home. Empty rooms need to be filled with properly scaled furniture, windows need privacy & walls need to be filled with artwork. Passing the professional baton to us as designer will keep your home in good hands & enhance the beautiful home you built. We promise you, we will only decorate, not desecrate.

Custom home & Spec home selections

Target your market audience with appeal to their buying behaviors, preferences & goals, so you can sell it quickly.

Model Merchandising

Showcase your property or model to target your ideal homebuyer. Filling an empty space with furniture, artwork, accessories & window treatments heightens buyers’ emotions by creating a vision, excitement & a lasting memory. Flexible purchase programs allow for you to decorate within your budget.

Let's Work Together!

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