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"It's all about the love...I love to transform the place you live, into the home you love."

A little bit about me

Hey there….I am Tina Paruszkiewicz ( How do you say your last name?!  It’s really not as bad as it seems:  Pair-a-ske-vich). 

As Owner & Lead Designer of DG Design Group LLC, I have a deep passion for design. At a young age, I fondly remember spending hours re-arranging the furniture in the Barbie House & re-organizing my bedroom. This brought me such a sense of satisfaction & calm. As I grew older, the “need to create” resonated deeply within.   I received my BFA in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design. That education was paramount in instilling the fundamental principles of design, but also honing my technical skills. I worked for various design firms & learned that I also had a fondness for numbers as creative space planning. In my world the black & white collided with gray…and made complete sense.  

I love the organic, unconventional & exploratory side of design, but also have a deep understanding for the reality of numbers, measurements, timelines, & product restraints. These are often the areas that present the biggest challenge  & these obstacles can make or break your design. As a designer, I apply these combinations in a design & build setting with an approachable & stress-free design process. 

What is my superpower? Organization.  I feel it is the key to maintain balance & order in my life & anyone whom has worked with me can attest to the fact I also maintain it in the workplace.  It influences my design philosophy & overall vision.  

I am an active member of SSHBA- Southwest Surburban Homebuilders Association & PWB- Professional Women in Building Council.  

A little bit about us

Designing since 2004, DG Design Group LLC evolved over the years & has been cultivating long term relationships since 2013 . Many of our clients call us back every year for new projects & we love to hear from them. 

We are a residential interior design full-service firm that operates with a design & build philosophy. We are client driven, as we partner up with our clients to meet their vision, while we handle all the details with our team of highly talented independent general contractors. We ensure the proper responsibilities are closely managed with our streamlined & efficient 4 part process, from concept to completion. Careful planning, technical expertise, skilled tradesmen, & the passionate commitment to delivering quality work on every project is our mission. We specialize in room transformations, large scale remodels, light commercial offices, & new construction finish selections.  

DG Design Group LLC is named after Tinas’ most most possessions:  her daughters!  Dylan & Giavanna changed her world for the better & filled her with a new sense of love, along with inspiration, creativity & mad organizational skills.  As a true artist, Tina felt this was her love letter to her girls & husband  to  inspire them to live life with a passionate purpose while continuing to grow & be the best version of their cute lil’ self.  

contemporary living room design by dg design group
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